Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dog Raincoat


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Dog Raincoat

Getting your dog their own raincoat is essential for comfort and health when walking in wet weather. With so many options on the market, how do you decide what makes the perfect dog raincoat? This definitive guide covers everything you need to know, from critical features to the top recommended brands.

How to Measure Your Dog Correctly

Getting the right size is critical so your dog’s movement isn’t restricted. Follow these steps:

  • Stand your dog on a flat surface. Have them stand squarely with all four legs under them. Keep their head up in a natural position.
  • Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Run the tape measure along the dog’s back to get this length, keeping it parallel to the ground. Round up to the nearest inch.
  • Measure the widest part of their chest. Make sure you go around the fullest part of the ribcage, right behind the front legs.
  • Measure their neck circumference. Run the tape around their neck, keeping it loose enough that you can slip two fingers underneath.

Once you have these three measurements, refer to individual brand sizing charts to pick the best fit. Expect some variation across brands.

The 3 Most Waterproof Raincoat Materials

The top consideration for wet weather is how waterproof the material is. Here are the top contenders:

1. Vinyl

Vinyl coated polyester has a waterproof rating over 5000mm, making it impenetrable in even heavy rain. It’s also lightweight and affordable. The downside is vinyl can be noisy and get hot for dogs.

2. Wax Cotton

Waxed cotton has a long history in human rainwear for being water-resistant while still breathable. It rates around 3000mm, so it repels light-moderate rain but can leak over time. It’s soft, quiet, and comfortable for dogs.

3. Technical Fabrics

Modern technical fabrics use advanced technology to be fully waterproof while allowing airflow. Materials like Gore-Tex rate over 28,000mm and provide the best wet weather protection. The tradeoff is a higher price tag.

Key Features to Look For

Along with a waterproof outer material, the best dog raincoats have these features:

  • Adjustable straps – Chest and belly straps customize the fit.
  • Reflective trim – Essential for visibility on grey days near traffic. Look for wide reflective stripes.
  • Hood or high neck – Protects the head and neck area from getting wet.
  • Microfleece lining – Adds warmth and wicks moisture from the skin.
  • Easy on/off design – Ample neck and chest space to put on without frustration.

The Best Dog Raincoat Brands of 2024

We evaluated over 20 top brands on critical factors like waterproof rating, safety certifications, fit, comfort and value. Here are the 5 highest rated picks:

1. Hurtta Expedition Parka

With its high-end Gore-Tex fabric rated at 28,000mm, the Hurtta Expedition Parka is the most waterproof option that still breathes. Generous coverage, an adjustable hood, and reflective elements earn it “adventure ready” status. It carries multiple safety certifications and has a velcro belly strap for better fit. As a premium brand, expect to pay over $100 but get a long-lasting investment.

Hurtta Expedition Parka on Chewy

2. RC Pet Rainy Days Slicker

The RC Pet Rainy Days ticked all our boxes at a reasonable price point. It uses a vinyl polyester fabric with taped seams for a 5000mm rating, keeping dogs dry without getting hot. The adjustable straps, high neck and reflective stripes provide great coverage and visibility. We found the ease of getting this raincoat on and off was top notch. This versatile pick works for all breeds.

RC Pet Rainy Days Slicker on Amazon

3. HDE Dog Raincoat with Hood

For a basic raincoat under $20, the HDE Dog Raincoat punches above its weight. Using PVC fabric, it achieves a rainproof rating over 4000mm. The hood and high neck keep wind and wetness out of the head and neck area. While not as durable as premium brands, this budget buy has reflective stripes for safety and comes in an extensive size range to fit small, medium or large dogs.

HDE Dog Raincoat on Walmart

4. Gooby Fleece-Lined Raincoat

Gooby’s Fleece-Lined Rain Jacket uses a vinyl polyester exterior with a warm microfleece lining that dogs love. The chest and belly coverage is ample thanks to adjustable straps and a hang loop. The fabric earns a 3000mm waterproof rating and has reflective details. Reviewers praise this raincoat for comfort and ease of use across many breeds.

Gooby Fleece Lined Raincoat on Chewy

5. Ethical Pet Fashion Essentials Slicker

Ethical Pet’s raincoat line features vinyl polyester or waxed cotton options at affordable prices. Their Fashion Essentials model shown here uses adjustable neck and belly straps to cinch the fit while maintaining stretch for movement. It earns high marks for ease of use and providing good coverage without restricting movement for play. This versatile pick works for most small and medium breeds.

Ethical Pet Essentials Slicker on Chewy

No matter what brand or style you select, measure carefully and read reviews from other owners to find the perfect fit. With the right raincoat, your dog will stay dry and comfortable out on wet weather walks. We hope this guide covered everything you need to decide! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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